'Turk Aqua' Black - Pressurised / Unvented Boiler stove

This stove has a European style flue connection, pipes can be found here

Ecodesign 2022 ready

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In all-steel black, black & grey or in black steel with burgundy, terracotta, white or red tiles.

A technically advanced boiler stove: – To achieve clean burning, the primary and secondary air supplies are adjusted automatically. A sensor detects the temperature of the flue gasses and automatically adjusts the proportion between primary and secondary air supplies...

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Nominal output of 8 kW, Controllable output from 4kW to 10kW

Automatic combustion control system.

High efficiency boiler with a volume of 19.9 liters and a large heat transfer surface area of 1.54 m2. The stove is recommended to heat a space of 80-200 m3.

Fuel consumption at nominal output is 2.3 kg / hr of dry wood.

Tertiary air supply and the ability to connect to an external air duct.

Includes the cooling loop, thermo sensors and safety valve for incorporation into a pressurised heating system.

Usable fuel: wood, wood briquettes and lignite coal.

Colour options; black and grey steel, or, white, terracotta or red tiles (subject to availability).

Can be used in an open circuit, but cannot be used in a thermo-syphon system (also commonly but incorrectly referred to as a gravity feed circuit).

*Ecodesign 2022 Compliant: Meets the requirements of The European Union Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 of 24 April 2015. 
Room Output 3.5
Boiler Output: kW 4.5
Connection to External Air Supply (7) YES, Optional duct required.
Efficiency: Wood / Lignite % 86%
Width (2) mm 533
Stove Height (1) mm 1425
Stove Depth (3) mm 453
Flue Outlet Diameter (4) mm 150 mm (6")
Flue Outlet Top and Rear
Fuel type Wood and Brown Coal / Lignite
Firebox (WxDxH) mm width 34 cm, height 37 cm, depth 31 cm
Window Size TBC
Material Steel
Boiler Capacity (Litres) 19.9
Nominal Output: kW (total) 8
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