Roof Brace Kit

If the chimney extends 1.5m or more above the roof, a Roof Brace Kit is required to support the chimney.

Roof Brace Kit is available to buy in increments of 1

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**TW-Pro is not compatible with any other brand of twinwall chimney system**


This kit contains 2 telescopic legs, a draw band, hardware package and is suitable for installation as below for 150mm INTERNAL diameter twinwall chimney.

The arms can be adjusted from 1.5 metres to 2.9 metres in length.


Follow the instructions in the Roof Brace Kit assembly.  

Position the band at about 2/3's of the overall chimney height, above the roof but never lower than 1.5m (see figure 1).

The draw band is clamped around the chimney & the two legs bolted to the roof.   The preferred location for a draw band is next to a joint, immediately above or below a locking band.    The two telescopic legs should form an angle of approximately 60 degrees to give support to the chimney in all directions.

Secure bottom end of legs to brackets and brackets to roof with hardware as shown in figures 1 & 2, keeping bottom ends equal distant from pipe & at approximately the same elevation, on high side of sloped roof.

Ensure that the legs are secured into the rafter & not just the roof deck.


*only currently available in stainless steel finish, not black.

Diameter 150mm internal / 200mm External
Colour Stainless
CE Certification EN1856-1 T600 N1 D V2 L50040 G50
Inner Material 316L Stainless Steel - 0.40mm thick
Outer Material 304 Stainless Steel - 0.40mm thick
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