Continuous or intermittent burning



Do you need a stove for intermittent or continuous burning?


This part of the stove's description refers to the refuelling interval required, to obtain the full (nominal) heat output, as certified by the CE testing station.


Continuous Operation stoves must be able to demonstrate:

 1. a minimum refuelling interval at the full rated (nominal) output of not less than:

 a) 4 hours for solid fuel burning or

 b) 1.5 hours when burning wood.

 2. Ability to hold a fire at low burning rate and be revived after no less than:

 a) 12 hours for solid mineral fuel and

 b) 10 hours for wood logs.



These appliances will suit people who don't want to keep lighting their fire up from cold. They can be used more as a primary source of heat.

A 'continuous operation' classified stove is an indication of a higher build quality.


Stoves are classed as 'intermittent operation' when, to give the full (nominal) output, you have to refuel at least every: 

1. 45 minutes for wood, or

2. 1 hour  for solid fuel.


Note that the interval will be at least 45 minutes, but could be more; and that a lot of these stoves are able to 'stay in' overnight with the decent quality fuel, as most can be shut down to a smoulder, thereby wasting fuel and causing unneccessary damage to the environment.