Guy Wire Kit

A band to attach guy wires (not supplied) when the flue sticks out of the roof more than 2 metres

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The Stove-Care Guy Wire Kit is used in conjunction with the guy wire bracket to support a high or unsteady twin wall stainless steel chimney.

All parts are made from galvanised steel.

The kit consistes of enough parts to make THREE 10m long supporting wires.


1. Secure the GUY WIRE BRACKET (separate purchase) to your chimney.

2. Pass the Wire Rope through the Grip to create a loop.

3. Insert the Thimble inside the loop and tighten the Wire Rope Grip using the nuts until the Thimble is secure.

4. Unscrew the D-Shackle and pass through the loop.

5. Attach the tensioner (barrel strainer) via the EYE by passing through the threaded bar component of the D-Shackle.

6. Secure the Hook and Eye Strainers to either bolts or screws that have been secured into masonry.



30 metres of 3 mm diameter glavanised steel wire rope.

6 x D-Shackles.

6 x Thimbles

12 x Wire Rope Grips.

3 x Hook and Eye Barrel Strainers.

Diameter 150mm
Colour Stainless
Inner Material 316L Stainless Steel - 0.40mm thick
Outer Material 304 Stainless Steel - 0.40mm thick
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