Flashing for Sheet / Corrugated Roofs, EPDM 152mm-280mm

Rubberised flashing with flexible alloy base suitable for profiled sheeting and flat panel surfaces.

For twin wall chimney systems with external pipe diameters of 150 to 300mm (6 to 12 inch)

i.e.internal diameters 4 to 10 inch)

Flashing for Sheet / Corrugated Roofs, EPDM 152mm-280mm is available to buy in increments of 1

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NOTE The 150 diameter referred to in twin wall chimneys is the internal diameter - the external diameter is 200mm and is not used to describe the part.

Suitable for profiled sheeting and flat panel surfaces.

temperature resistance -55°C to 135°C.

Aluminium base dimensions: 355 x 355mm.

Roof Pitch: 0-18°


EPDM flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light, but we recommend the addition of a storm collar.

The base is designed to form a seal on most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location.



1. Choose pipe opening and trim using a Stanley Knife or scissors.

2. Slide flashing over pipe (you may need to lubricate the flashing with some grease).

3. Form the flashing to the same profile as the roof.

4. Apply sealant (mastic, silicone, or that contained in the Fixing Kits if purchased).

5. Fasten using the screws and caps (supplied in the optional Fixing Kit).

A Fixing Kit or similar is required to install this flashing, we recommend a mastic sealant and sheet roofing screws.

Diameter 150mm internal / 200mm External
Colour Black
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