500mm EU to UK Converter Flue Pipe / Matt Grey / Without Door

Converts EU type stoves to conform to UK regulations. 
Can be cut to length. Internal diameter 150mm.

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EU regulations require the pipe fitting around the outside of the flue exit / spigot to allow the smooth flow of the flue gasses. UK regs have it on the inside to let water run into the stove.

This pipe has a flange on the inside of the pipe which acts as a drip bead which causes water to fall inside the stove's flue exit. Each subsequent pipe fits inside the pipe below.

Can be cut and used as an adapter for vitreous enamel pipes*, or as the starter length for further matching grey flue pipes.

*pipes must fit inside the internal diameter of 150mm


European type heavy gauge steel pipe with matt grey painted finish.

440 mm Effective length, can be cut to length.

Robust construction of 2mm thick Steel, Type EN 10025

Air tight flush fitting joints (N1 / 40 Pa).

Flush Fitting Joints of European Flue Pipe

For solid fuel appliances,  tested to temperatures up to 500 degrees C.

Used to connect the stove and Flue Liner / Chimney Stack / Twin Wall Flue System.
CANNOT be used to pass through ceilings or walls, or outdoors.

Distance to combustible materials: 3 times the diameter of the flue, (wood, plaster board, etc.)

150mm diameter Flue Pipe should be 450mm away from combustible materials.
The smaller spigot end should be pointing downward to allow water to flow within the pipe. (UK building regs)
Joints can be sealed with a fine jointing compound (flueseal, ceramix). Joins between the flue pipe and stove and between the flue pipe and twin wall chimney or flue liner may require a fire proof glass rope also.

Inspect the chimney every 6 months minimum and clean every 12 months, possibly more often when using coal.

Use a pipe with an access door or clean from within the stove.

Colour Grey
CE Rating EN 1856-2-T400-N1-D-VmL01200-G500
Diameter 150mm
Length 500 mm
Wall Thickness 2 mm
Type (EU / UK) European
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