200ml CZ black stove paint

Please check your stove model and colour before ordering.
200ml CZ black stove paint is available to buy in increments of 1

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200ml CZ black stove paint.

Original factory aerosol paint for the following stove models:-

  • tatu
  • lumo
  • arctic
  • atrium
  • vigo
  • alkmaar I
  • trollvik
  • yukon
  • toledo
  • trollvik
  • reno
  • mini range cooker
  • pori


To prepare stove for painting:-

Sand area lightly using 240 grit or finer wet or dry paper.

Remove all dust particles before painting.

Spray in well ventilated area with sweeping motions, do not spray too thickly.

Allow min 1hr to dry before handling.

The paint will bake onto the stove (cure) during first the fire, during which time it will become soft - do not touch until hardened.

Small scratches can be touched up without sanding.

Colour Black
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