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DEFRA Stoves

DEFRA Approved stoves for use in smoke control areas.

To find out if you live in a smoke control area, ideally you need to call your local authority for a definitive answer, but you can also click here. 

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  • Arctic 5 DEFRA: BLACK or GREY

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    A DEFRA exempt appliance for use in smoke control areas.

    The DEFRA approval is for use with wood in smoke control areas.

    Exceptional build quality at a great price.

    Controllable output from 2.5 to 7kW.

    superb advanced Airwash system to keep the glass clear.

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  • Lumo 5 DEFRA Pedestal / Rotating Stove

    5kW nominal output,controllable output from 2.5 to 7kW

    DEFRA exempt for wood. 81% Efficiency.

    Exceptional value with a very high build quality - made in the same factory as many Scandinavian and German brands.

    Cost savings achieved by the flat window instead of curved, the pre-heated airwash is so good you can't see the glass anyway!

    Designed to be positioned against a wall, to point to different parts of the room - the rotating Axis is 110o (see diagram).

    The stove has a European flue outlet and a converter pipe is included in the purchase price. More pipes may be necessary for fitting.

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  • Lumo 5 DEFRA Rotary Stone Clad

    This is a multi-fuel stove, but is DEFRA exempt for wood only.

    The main image is black with sandstone cladding, it is also available in grey, and with various natural stone jackets such as limestone or soapstone.

    Designed to be against a wall and to point to different parts of the room - rotating Axis 110 degrees.

    Stone Clad Stoves are by special order. You need to state clearly which paint colour and stone type you require in writing by email to find out the availability or lead time for a particular combination.

    Lots of different design models of stove also available with stone jacketing here.

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  • Lumo 5kW DEFRA: Grey or Black

    Put aside any preconceptions the price might give you: this product comes direct from a European factory that manufactures for some highly regarded Scandinavian and German brands.

    Its low price and high build quality makes it the UK's best value curved stove with a cost saving flat window.

    It as the option of connecting its air supply directly to the outdoors (the connector is £15, you will supply your own ducting & vent to suit).

    Also available in a rotating version, and in a number of stone cladding options.

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