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Nero 5kW Wood burning / Multifuel stove

This is one of the best value stoves in our range, with a very robust build quality: 5mm steel body with 10mm thick top plate.

This stove has a UK sized 6" flue connection at the top and rear.

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5kW nominal output and capable of burning coal and all other solid fuels. The Nero has primary and secondary air controls, which provide complete control over the output. 

We are aware that under certain circumstances, chimneys with significant draught, due to the stoves design it can create a whistling sound which some customers are not happy with.  We have sold hundreds without complaint but please consider this before ordering.

A large ceramic window by Schott gives a good view of the fire and is kept clear by the highly effective pre-heated air-wash system.

Very robust traditional single layer steel construction; 5 - 10 mm thick - will not crack like the cast iron stoves in this price range.

The Nero has excellent overnight burn capability: Fully lined with firebricks, air tight door seals and simple but effective air flow controls allow you to close the stove down overnight. Re-open the air controls in the morning, add some coal or wood and the fire will come back to life again.

The colour choice is matt mid-grey or matt charcoal black with nickel plated solid brass handles.

Certified to BS EN13240. 2 year warranty.

includes large ashpan: 280 x 260 x 50mm, user manual and heatproof glove

Top and rear flue outlet. If you use the rear outlet, the top cover can be used as a hot plate.

UK Specification 6" flue outlet, the free euro converter pipe is not included with this stove as it is not required.



Differences between the Cube and Nero:



top flue exit only

top and rear flue exit

smaller window

larger window

can be placed nearer to combustible materials than single layer stoves

you can boil a kettle on top

Two layers x 3 mm steel convecting stove

single layer 5mm & 10mm plate radiating stove with rear heat convection plate




Nominal Output: kW 5
Output Range (kW) No
Stove Height (1) mm 650mm with flue spigot
Width (2) mm 505mm
Stove Depth (3) mm 340mm
Flue Outlet Diameter (4) mm 150 mm (6")
Centre of rear Flue to floor ( 5) mm 485mm
Centre of top flue to back of stove (6) mm 140mm
Connection to External Air Supply (7) No connection to external air suply
Air inlet Diameter (7) mm No
Air inlet height (8) mm No
Flue Outlet Top and Rear
Distance to combustibles - rear - mm 400
Distance to combustibles - side - mm 400
Fuel type Wood and Brown Coal / Lignite
Efficiency: Wood / Lignite % 77%
Firebox (WxDxH) mm 425x240x300
Window Size 290x245
Weight: Kg 80
Material Steel
DEFRA Approval No - can only be used in smoke control areas in combination with a DEFRA approved fuel


So well made and brilliant value. Works beautifully.Review by Will Statt
I've had a few stoves over the years and am always amazed that people fall for the hype and spend a fortune on expensive branded stoves in the belief that they function better!
All stoves are basically just metal boxes with draught control, and the key to success is good dry wood!

You couldn't get a better little stove than this Nero, and it is a sensible price, so well done. (Posted on 12/11/2018)
Great value, but can whistle a bitReview by Christof
My wife found out about Grey Metal whilst researching stoves for our new fireplace. They are fantastic value for money. We bought a Nero and have been using it for almost a year. It functions just as you might expect - burning wood isn't rocket science. My sister liked the Nero so much that she has also now bought one. I can't fault the design. It burns well and produces plenty of heat - I suspect somewhat more than the nominal 5kW - but it obviously depends upon the fuel etc. There are a couple of things worth knowing. First, the paint is not cured. Expect the entire outer surface to be come sticky soft and tacky when you first use it. This is the paint setting. It will produce fumes during this process and takes a good dozen or so firings to complete. Don't panic - just ventilate and be careful not to touch the stove or leave the door closed during the proceedure - the paint is very sticky during this process. The second thing to be aware of is that the stove can whistle at full power. I thought that this was unique to our stove, but it is the same on my sisters. The noise eminates from the upper vent and disappears as the vent is closed to halfway. If you are a classical music fan was a cold room, you might want to contact Grey Metal before buying this stove! (Posted on 07/12/2014)
FANTASTIC !!!! Review by samuel k

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